You can even export recorded shows to your iPod. Reviews Currently no reviews are available Have experience with this product? When a recording is played, the blue icon is replaced by a snapshot of a frame from that recording. Multitasking, at least for the routine, low power demand stuff that makes up most of my computing was still reasonably lively. Thank you for submitting your review!

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Of course, you can always call us directly during regular business hours miglis Migla more information, visit: You are currently logged in as a guest. Reviews Currently no reviews are available Have experience with this product?

When a recording is played, the blue icon is replaced by a snapshot of a frame from that recording. Winner of Apple’s Performance Marketing Award. The package itself is so small that it can be integrated into desktops as well as laptops.

We will give you a call as soon as a representative becomes available. Miglia TV products are available at the Apple Store.

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Miglia TVMicro Mac TV Tuner

You can change the size of windws EyeTV Viewer window by grabbing the lower right corner and dragging it diagonally, and several pre-selected sizes are also available from the EyeTV will automatically try to choose the correct aspect ratio.

If you want to watch TV on your Apple notebook, that capability is available now. Ask us a new question about: Take your TVMicro on eindows go or leave it on dedicated machines as minimalistic add-on. Your email will not be publicly posted. New recordings are indicated by a blue icon picturing a movie camera.

Pricing to be announced. For further features, go to: Typical TV has a 4: These items have the same guarantees as full-price products.

The quality of both the Miglia TV Micro and TV Max products appears to migliw first – rate, with a high standard of finish and workmanship and they both work well as advertised with the Eye TV software.

If you want to capture a snapshot of the current frame of video, you can press z-C, which will save the picture to the clipboard.

We have no open box units available at this time. How are they able to make the TVMicro so small? Like the TV Micro, the TVMax supports video from an antenna or analog cable, but a major distinction is that it also incorporates built-in video hardware compression, which, migkia other things, makes it an ideal tool for converting window VHS tape collection to digital video, to store on a hard drive, your Video iPod, or for burning onto DVD-Rs.


Record TV, remove boring tvmicrl from recorded footage whilst watching live TV, access EPG data from the Internet, schedule recordings and much more. Turn your notebook into a DVR to watch and record analog video on the fly. However, because TVMicro relies on your Mac for processing power to transform the TV signal into a digital file, you will need an Intel Core Duo processor to record in full Tvmicto quality on a notebook with this unit, although a dual G4 or dual G5 Power Mac tower will also have enough processing muscle.

EyeTV can be configured to: You must have the hardware ready to connect at the appropriate point in the activation and configuration process.

I found this process went smoothly and quickly.