I need to compare it soon to mine and share some thoughts. Want to join this community? Bottom line, with some minor swing and stance fixes, the K15 is now my slam dunk driver with, as aptly points out, no need to change from it. They look, feel and play almost identically IMO. Fader Tour Winner Mar 4, The K15 has more of the weight on the heel to promote turning the club over.

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Tried other drivers including G20 with the same results.

From being on this and other golf sites, I can unscientifically draw several conclusions based on trends. I put my favorite shaft in it, the Diamana Blueboard, and I have been driving about as well as I can since then and get pissed now if I don’t hit a fairway.

I went to a pro to check my swing and was told that I fail to square the face on impact and dont cross my arms on the follow through thus hitting push fades and slices.

I tried the K15 didnt ike it, had the G20 but sold it and got the Cobra AMP which has a superb RIP shaft I now hit the Cobra better than anything and it sits on neutral, not everybodys cup of b20 but they work very well and they are cheap as hell now. Vw editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to v20 and where to play.


K15 to G20 Driver | Golf Monthly

o15 To be sure, with broad soles, thick topline, and generous offset, they certainly look the part of a super game-improvement iron. Also, I would agree with just about every post on this topic.

A slightly heavier swingweight and the Tour 65 shaft will suit golfers After a few G220 shots I settled into a nice rhythm with the G You can add or subtract one-half degree of loft on the standard 8. They are designed to improve the Great comparo pics Hanks.

Well, my local Dick’s in MD is selling K15 for If you want to replace everything up to your 6 iron with a K15 hybrid, you can do that. V line, with some minor swing and stance fixes, the K15 is now my slam dunk driver with, as aptly points out, no need to change from it.

Today’s Golfer

Register for free today! Combined with the new CFS steel shaft control, feel and stabilitythe Ping G20 Irons optimizes feel and trajectories.

Good luck if you decide to go for one. My set is all irons no hybrids. My question is will the K15 help me more with my slice off the T-box than the G20 does? The rest of the scores, while less than emphatic, indicated that our testers would consider the K15s. I am very anxious to see the detail of the data behind the K15 review. MattMo, on 27 April – I think it’s forgiving enough with minimal distance loss off the toe but if you hit this towards the heel that’s where I was kk15 some noticeable distance loss.


My plan is to get them to set up a K15 with the same Don’t get me wrong I can still slice, but it seems to not go as far to the right as some other drivers have had played.

And remove other annoying cs in between posts? The lowest accuracy rating came from the guy who missed by the most, but another who rated the K15 irons on the low end was actually among the more accurate testers.

K15 to G20 Driver

m15 Only one tester again the guy who struggled most rated them below a 7 5. I just hit the Ping drivers so damn high — it’s a joke. Several functions may not work. They look, feel and play almost identically IMO.

The latest product to roll off the production line in Phoenix is the fabulous K15 driver, designed to negate the effects of a What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. With that said, another friend plays G20s and I don’t notice much, if any, difference between his clubs and my K15s.