In such cases, select [Heavyweight Paper 1] or [Heavyweight Paper 2]. Page 15 Maintenance Pull up the green lever to open the inner cover. Also, you can select a job to see the details. Page Authentication for Job Flow Sheet and Mailbox When the Authentication Feature is not Enabled When the Authentication feature is not enabled, the relationships between users and mailboxes are as follows. The date set here is printed on lists and reports.

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Glossary 18 Glossary This chapter contains a list of terms used in this guide.

Details Displays detailed information on the selected recipient. If the machine is still not improved, contact our Customer Support Center. Create a new mailbox with the specified number and request the sender to send it again.

Fx Apeosport I Ps B Driver Download

The following example shows how to allocate a feature to the Custom 2 button. Do not remove the jammed staple only.

Printing And Deleting Stored Documents Printing apeosprot Deleting Stored Documents Printing and Deleting Stored Documents This section describes how to print or delete documents stored by the secure print or sample print feature, or stored by the charge print receiving control.

Consumables 13 Machine Status Consumables You can check the status of consumables on the [Consumables] screen.

Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers 3.1 for Mac OS X

If you cannot recover the machine even after following the above procedure, contact our Customer Support Center. Refer to “When [Print] is Selected” Broadcast F Code Method When using the machine as the initiating station for performing remote Relay Broadcast Send, confirm the F Code and the password if necessary for the primary relay station.


Action Connect the network cable to the machine. Select the item to be set or changed, and select [Change Settings].

Also, you can select a job to see the details. Follow the error code instructions. For information on network settings, refer to the Network Administrator Guide. Use only staple cartridges recommended by Fuji Xerox.

This is convenient for saving paper. Print Prints the document stored by charge print.

Then remove the guide from the Tray. Stapler Faults Remove the jammed staples 1and return the metal part pulled up in step 5 to the original position 2. The machine automatically sets the copy ratio pa makes copies of the images so that they fit on the selected paper.

Manual Send is a transmission method that involves confirming the remote machine response with an external telephone or when the machine is in an on-hook state prior to beginning transmission. Adapted When auto-scaling is in use, this sets the method for obtaining the active coordinate area. Page 11 System Settings Select the filtering conditions, then select [Save]. Address Book Default Set the entry number from which the address book display starts. A setting must be made in the System Administration mode to display this feature on the [Setup Menu] screen.


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Select [Keyboard] to display the keyboard on the touch screen. Page 71 Scan Options Image Shift Shifting the Image Copy Position Copies can be made with the document image position shifted to the left, right, top, or bottom of the paper, or with the document center shifted to the center of the paper.

Apeos;ort 11 System Settings Delete Documents with Expiry Date Specify whether to enable the feature to delete documents stored in a mailbox at a specified time after a retention period has apeoosport. According to the setting combination, the received document is printed as follows. You can set a number from 1 to pages. Select trays used as the body pages tray and the covers tray in which paper of the same size with landscape is loaded.

Power Saver Mode Power Saver Mode Power Saver Mode The machine is installed with a Power Saver feature that will automatically cut off the electricity to the machine if no copy or print data is received for a certain duration.

Page When this message appears, replace the staple cartridge with a new one. When all documents have been scanned, select [Last Original].