I view that as a possible fail point. I have used mode23 and used the right comport and everything. Open up the port selector in evoscan. It seems as if the issue is that the software is not effectively communicating with that port even though it is the correct one. D xPRimNT , I finely got it to start reading the reference voltage from the AEM.

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So, here’s the start of a list! I’ve been talking to weebles, who is going through something similar.

I didn’t notice any markings on the cable that indicated a model number, but i’ll check again tomorrow. IT And I tried the driver off of the cheapo ebay cable listed on the first page, and it only does 0’s.

They used to sell at bestbuy and sell cheap on Amazon. All times are GMT. I just assumed he had one, but now Uxb won’t have to worry about that problem anymore.

Check if a port is added to previous list, if so connect to that port. Jun 8, Find More Posts by merlin.


Jun 11, I had to install new windows. Just trying to do this once and right the first time.

EvoScan U Universal USB Datalogging and Reflashing Cable

I’ll have it hopefully working and will have a bit of a write up on it. For instance, if a range of 9. Anyway excellent thread may want to update the first post with all the findings instead of digging through the whole thing to see what works.

Still AFR shows 0 but all other parameters are ok. It should work after that. I didn’t want to have to play with two programs, evoecan I honestly just wanted to make this work. Well, it looks like if I use a terminal emulator to read the serial data, it works.

The keyspan worked like a champ. A probably easier method to connect LM-2 to EvoScan. This is good news, I’ve seen a lot of people Evo having problems v2. You currently have 0 posts.

I was able to read and write my flash via EcuFlash. Install evoscan first then install ecuflash. It may but why do you need that? I will try the driver from dino in post 89 nyc jzgte I bought the Dynex one Clipse linked and it didnt work. I’m kinda just wondering how exactly it will work.


So I wrote a program that logs the wb to a file with a time stamp, then I can merge ATR log with the wb log. I really need to log some aspects so Evoscn can adjust my tune, but really evosca to do this when I can log the required aspects!!! Open up the port selector in evoscan.

EvoScan 1.3R USB Datalogging and Reflashing Cable

I had the same problem and took a couple times before I got it to work. I have like 3 at home now if you want 3 Dynex? Jun 7, Nothing will log properly without Mode