Right thumb A glossary and an index are also included for your reference. Late-breaking new s about the p roduct The Readme. Note that the high priority level is rese r v ed for internal DigitalPersona use only. The Retr y message appears, which indicates th at your fingerprint was not verified. Unsubscribes the clie nt application from r eceiving op eration ev ents notifications.

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Enumeration Designates the Reader’s underlying technology. Increasi ng the probability tosay0. CaptureEventHandler Public Loads a capture event handler.

T o take advantage of this f eature, y our fingerprint- enabled application must run on the T erminal Services or.

NET Edition enables rexder to use a variety of programming languages in a number of development environments to create their applications. DigitalPersona and its suppliers retain all rights not expressly granted.

A set of mathematical algorithms formaliz ed to. Defines the requested fingerpr int enrollment action. Fig ur e 4.


Fingerprint_Reader/SDK/otw-sdk130/Readme.txt Driver File Contents (

Write void Public Attempts to write the Secret with data content in a stream. NotFound Object not found. U fingerprint reader use and main tenance guides, DigitalPersona Reader Maintenance. A fingerprint recognition system uses the. This chapter defines the One T ouch for W indows: I f ther e is a normal-priority oper ation owned by this pr ocess, it will rece ive the.

DigitalPersona Pro SDK .NETEdition Developer Guide |

Exists boolean Public Checks whether the Secret exists. C omparison scor es can be of two. The following definitions will assist you in understa nding the purpose and functionality of the sample. The following two installations ar e located in the SDK software pack age:. A fingerprint feature set s can be produced f or the. See false accept rate.

Fingerprint f eature set cre ation. When the Engine is ready to dispa tch the result of fing erprint scan, it pr ocesses operations using the f ollowing. Retrieves information about a particular reader. User object page User Public Performs fingerprint verification on construction with specified credential, user name and user name type. There is also a VB.



No such secret available for this user. This fun cti on. Right index finger The functions are arranged f or conv enience into these thr ee categories.

Install the Soft ware. To perform fingerprint authentication without first performing fingerprint identification, a user name is required.

The visual element is composed of three parts: TooDark The fingerprint sample is too dark. Attribute Description Unknown A name not associated with any Windows account. Prepar es the fingerprint image obtaine d from the finger print re ader for dis play.