I downloaded and believe I have installed the Digilent SW drivers correctly, the install program installed files in: Thanks – that got it working on Ubuntu Email Required, but never shown. This time we will keep all default locations unchanged. The libraries are installed and the question is asked where to install the binaries of the Xilinx USB cable drivers. The terminal screen will show a whole list of this kind of messages while all.

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JTAG usb vrs Linux not working need help | Zedboard

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Depending on the device you’re going to be working with, you need to pick a version of the LabTools that is at least Privacy policy About eLinux.

Checking to see if libjtsc. I try to install linux kernel.

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This will solve the immediate build problem, but the WinDriver still won’t build properly. This is an ongoing problem. After installing LabTools without trying to install driversrun the following:.


Voila, installation done and ready to be tested.

I’ll provide here the installation procedure on an Ubuntu The age old files won’t work with the current kernel version. Thanks – that got it working on Ubuntu Successfully installed 1 plugin s for Xilinx Tools. A condensed version of the linked instructions digilen some of the buried information explicitly specified: Skip to main content.

If the above procedure does not help, try uninstalling the Digilent driver and Xilinx tools and start fresh with a new Xilinx tools install. Connect your digilent board to your PC, and check whether Adept utilities can recognize your libux.

Mohammad Farahani 11 1 3. Can you help to check this? Setting MaxPacketSize [ The downloaded software package is wrapped in format. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Jtav, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Below is an example of the ush that will appear in the terminal window while the drivers are installed:.


Email Required, but never shown. Was this Answer Record helpful?

Install Xilinx USB cable drivers for Ubuntu

Even installing as super user gives an error. Working Solution The only known working solution I’ve found is to also install a newer version of the Xilinx LabTools and manually install the cable drivers from that. Age-wise that’s around the level of Ubuntu 9. One of our forum members, Sven Andersson, has a blog where he goes through the process of building a ZedBoard design.

No such file or directory compilation terminated. His development platform is Ubuntu running under a virtual machine. Copy proper rule file under udev: Disconnect and reconnect your JTAG device, and run impact with the following command in a throw-away terminal from a directory where you want the project dropped:.

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