The information of each field can be shown in two modes – field address or field value. P, 1 – programming of items and main parameters P, 2 – programming of specific parameters tax groups parameters and the identification number of the tax obligated person -BULSTAT P, 3 – Setting up the fiscal memory in use 1 In order to access the mode “Programming” from the ‘OFF’ state press key 4. On the left upper display corner the letter ‘R’ appears and the operator is invited to enter his password. This manual also for: If the price is not entered, the programmed price is used.

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Cash register Datecs DP –

This key is used for entering a free price for an PRC item or item group. After finishing the report printing for the range selected, a new report can be chosen for another range. After finishing the report for initial item is set the first item with greater PLU code and non-zero turnover.

The main currency is the right one Default: Enabled its exchange rate in relation Default: After the fields are modified, in order the clock-calendar to be actualized, it is needed the key “PLC” to be pressed, than a confirmation dialog appears.


The range can be set with determining the first item. After each symbol entered, the cursor will moving on the right.

Disabled mode, programming between the 1: Report of the fiscal memory for period determined by date to date. A mixed payment is allowed.

Datecs DP-50D Manuals

With this key immediately after an item is accumulated a VOID cancellation of that sale is performed. The row number from table 1 which the parameters of item are stored is called code or PLC code of the item.

Dp-50r Reporting and clearing the operators debts. The key is used for 3 types of payment. Sofia – Bulgaria e-mail: Got it, continue to print. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means, mechanical, electrical or electronic without the prior written permission of Datecs Ltd.

Cash register Datecs DP-50

If the multiplication result between quantity and price is more than ten digits, it is not the multiplication is not allowed and an error is indicated. Datecs uses battery cells from Samsung which guaranties long life of the device. Each row has 1 field which contains up to 42 symbols. When dp-5d0 table is programmed on the upper display row are shown the first 16 characters from the item name, stored on the current table row. DD 2 Month From 1 to 12 Default: Than the item code or item group code should be specified.


PRC – Specifies, that the previously entered value is a price. Page 18 – Table With the beginning of the editing automatically the display datesc changes to show the fields value. The fields can be symbol or numeric type.

Check our About page if you are curious to know how we came to be the innovating company we are today. G1 – One position forward when editing a datecz field G2 – One position backward when editing a symbol field C – Clearing the field’s contents The editing of parameter is possible both from “address” state and from “value” state on the display.

Drivere Č™i aplicaČ›iiDrivers and applications – Sedona

C Press the key. The payment with alternative currency is always the last payment. For this purpose a X or Z mode must be accessed according the written above. The quantity must be given as shown: All important instructions dp-5d0 given in order to prepare the ECR for operation, for its correct usage and maintenance.