Fnc 4,54 5,45 6. The water for the sterilizer is first filtered by be- ing passed through a porous stone. Webster CF hot water control More than six years ago Webster engineers pro- duced a continuous flow control for forced circula- tion hot water heating. Urns are usually mounted on stands which some- times contain a plate or cup warmer. Hanged enda iLlLS lbs. Legal Disclaimers If free shipping is indicated above:

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Sinj-lc or duplex lypes cm be supplied. At the back of the tank near the top.

The timing mechanism inside the cabinet is actuated by a synchronous motor which turns a cam. A seal on the return outlet of the compartmBnt steamer will blow at very low pressures.

Brother MFC-J6510DW Service Manual: Network

To prevent noise from unit being carried through building, the pump and motor ore to be mounted on heavy separate cost iron bases equipped with DARLING Vibration Dampers. Kxtra heavy models are provided for niaximutn operaliiif; sleani pressures up lo 2S0 lbs, per sf – in.

In the collar press there is a hollow cast iron sleam chest of compound curve shape against which the material is pressed by means of a movable padded plate. In this field it was early learned that quJcfe, continuous and complete dis- charge of air and wa er of condensafion was an im- portant essential in securing adequate circulation with minimum steam consumption. Nc-230y it 6, 7 are t’trtical ftatittn.


Duplicate parts are carried in stock and can be shipped promptly. The base forms the cover of the cylindrical Receiver.

With this ivpe of eonatruclion. This results in quick heating up, obviously a most important feature, especially in the case of sterilizing apparatus in a hospital.

Mechanical Shaft seols can be supplied as an alternative. Com I lined casting, Ji or Ja h. High, and 7Ji In. From the top of the vertical separating pipe marked 4 and from the outlet W on the top of the Heavy Duly Trap, vent pipes are run and joined together, discharg- ing into a heating main or outboard to atmosphere.

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Qt 18;A 20′ ‘ 2,27 ]9d? Sizes 4″ ro 4″ Inclusive, are et uippeH with type “F” dirt ct-at’ling valve.

If the coal was used to generate steam, an added degree of control could be effected by regulating the pressure of the steam. Sometimes an egg boiler is placed on a shelf attached to the urn stand.

The responsible group, ofter thorough study of the available heot- mg systems, chose Webster Wolvector Tru-Perimeter Heating wthch was instolled in such multiple units as the specific conditions of each room required.

We exclude, however, large-scale cooking such as is done in confectionery and other food manufacturing plants.


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The bottom of the cabinet is raised about B inches above the tlooi lo provide room for the supply and Return con- nections of the coil. Offerts en acier coule pour pressions de plus de livres.

As the still itselt con- tains no healing element, no trap is required for this piece oi apparatus. As the compartment is completely filled with air each time the door is opened, a Webster Process Steam Trap is provided to assure quick venting of this air and consequent faster cooking. Bronze, cap type to protect shaft threads.

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One standard make of blanket warmer is 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep. Standard cyhnder brohter have. Both of these features are fully described in the Webster Base- board Heating catalog. It fills the steam compartments when the machine is cold. This specialized experience is available through trained engineers at the Home Office and through the Representatives hsted on inside back cover. The Hot Water Bulb is brothdr by feet of tubing. All sheet metal parts shall have a grav prime finish.