Pete 7 years ago. You can use the filters on the right-hand side to show and hide individual golfer based on handicap and clubhead speed. My point is to not discount anything, and whenever possible, work with a reputable fitter to find what works for you. I have used the orange e6 golf ball, but like the e5 a bit better. That said, our other 4 testers all managed individual scores of between Smaller heads can make for interesting results here.

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GolfSpy T 7 years ago.

bridgestonne The B balls are very good and I play them often. Why should I win the Bridgestone driver?!! I mean, would it kill you to just offer it in 9. It looks sub from the top which is what we’ve all been asking for from an OEM.

I trully can see myself having bridgestones in They are highly bridgeatone and have always use quality forging house to forge their irons ENDO comes to my mind.

I just started golfing this summer and am very much a novice. You guys are the leaders by far.

One way to explain the improved launch conditions is that I hit the G drivers more consistently. Bad shots were really short and crooked. I owned a set of original US Tourstage irons years ago that were the softest, most solid iron that I had ever hit.


Bridgestone J40 Driver – Review

If you can get your hands on one, it might be worth demoing the 12 degree model, and probably more ideally with a different shaft. My 5W good for — and with the new J40, I think I can continue to drop my handicap. The sole is relatively smooth just a couple of cut-outs — presumably for aerodynamic purposes. Forum Thread of the Day: TaylorMade M1 I am completely shocked.

It seems that every year or so a new Bridgestone ball, or line of balls, is introduced to the market and I get more impressed each time.

As for the driver, I now have the R9 which I supposed is ancient in golf club life!

Bridgestone J40 430 Driver REVIEW

Shannon Hall 7 years ago. Peter Ciambrone 7 bridgestoje ago. We want to protect the interests of golfers by providing an unbiased platform to feel proud to contribute to for years to come. The strange thing is, with each of those other 3, I could see the results coming. Sleek lines with a slightly squared toe leaves this driver begging to be worked both left and right.


Jacobs II 7 years ago. I have used the orange e6 golf ball, but like the e5 a bit better. I hit the Adams well but always looking to improve.

Bridggestone J40 21 deg Project X 5. Points are determined per shot using a formula of distance minus accuracy. WDB 7 years ago. These are the best blades I have ever brigdestone. Mark was great to work with. Needless to say, that 11 HCP guy was like a mentor to me. I love the tires so one day I decided to try the ball.

I dialed it down to clubhead spd and HC in my weight class and this driver still had some amazing vridgestone. Bridgestone has some amazing clubs and balls and worth looking at, i love there personalization of balls to fit your swing and now there new lineup looks sweet i would love to game the new j40 driver.