Due to the highly efficient design and low energy requirement placed on the power supply, the Caiman SEG is capable of operating from a 12Volt battery source. The Caiman is designed for maximum transparency and critical playback in professional audiophile applications. High Current Class A-B headphone circuit The Caiman SEG headphone amplifier circuit is designed to drive even the latest high-end headphones and reproduce musical detail that these headphones are capable of. Up to 32 Bit and fs oversampling The current range of high-end consumer DACs chips go up to 32 bit, but only kHz oversampling. Reply February 1, Anonymous.

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Headphone output impedance – 12 to Ohms. Housing — Full metal body.

The all new discrete transistors audio buffer adds an extra level of musicality to the sound of the beredford and pre-amplifier output. Would you say that Beresford DACs have a “house sound”? Pre-amp output Voltage – 1.

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Simple Analogue Filter Circuit There has been much debate as to how much damage is done to the audio signal by the various digital and analogue filtering networks that are found in a DAC design, and whether filters contribute to grainy high frequencies. So you can buy some op-amps on ebay, open the casing, and replace it yourself.


Beresford Caiman MKII DAC

Gino Portoghese Reply September 3, Mike. Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income. This makes the Caiman MKII less prone to anti aliasing filter residues and noise, and produces a far cleaner and detailed treble response. Now he lives in Berlin. If our listeners are to be believed, it seems to be better with music that has a relatively straightforward texture. Inputs — 1 x power supply optional.

Beresford Caiman SEG USB-DAC/COAX/TOSLINK & Digital Preamp – PlayStereo

Mike- I have an O2 amp. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Colour — Black fascia. As it happened, our programme for the main ‘blind’ listening test followed something of a trend from rock to classical and as it did so, the comments on this DAC seemed in general to become rather less positive. There’s a stereo RCA line-level output, stereo RCA variable output so the Caiman, which features a gain control on the fascia, can be used as a preamplifier and a headphone socket too.

The TC DAC is designed in England and the circuit design is flexible enough to allow quite a degree of customization and upgrades. The result is then fed to a Low Drop Out regulator circuit. Having spoken to Stan earlier on in the week I asked a little bit advice is it much different than my current dac the bushmaster mk 2 and can I still use a battery on the seg blah blah blah and after talking with Stan I put the order in sharp like no spelks on my backside.


Beresford TC “Caiman” DAC |

For Good spec sturdy build and inoffensive looks open, detailed and fluent sound. The technology used in the Beresford Caiman MKII relies instead on a simple HF analogue filter that operates outside any feedback circuit and outside the audio spectrum.

Asynchronous SPDIF to I2S signal transfer In order to correct timing and data speed transfer errors the TC uses a asynchronous buffer with a length of bits to take care of time period related errors.

Reply September 13, Mike.

Up to 32 Bit and fs oversampling The current range of high-end consumer DACs chips go up to 32 bit, but only kHz oversampling. Good resolution but some mildly disappointing rhythmic skills. Headphone output impedance — 12 to Ohms.

Beresford Caiman SEG USB-DAC/COAX/TOSLINK & Digital Preamp

Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience. Originally Posted by Scooby. Follow TechRadar Reviews on Beresrord One thing I noticed when connecting a DAC to the dock is its more neutral sounding with better and tighter bass while Aspire One with Win7 was really bright much more neutral with win XP but still below Onkyo when it comes to neutrality.