Europe, Middle East and Africa. See all solutions for enterprise. If you’ve used only Director 4 movies in an Authorware piece, you don’t need to distribute any of the Xtras stored in the following folders: Why do you think the movie is showing up ‘as a flash 8 file rather than a flash 6 file’? Contact us if you need to.

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This article describes how to set up Macromedia Flash movies for use in Authorware 5 and how to configure an Authorware 5 file to use a Flash movie as main menu allowing the user to click Flash buttons to navigate. Assuming the ultimate thing to show is an. How to create a simple movie in Flash and import it into Authorware First we describe setting up a Flash movie with the intent of importing it into Authorware through a list of step-by-step instructions.

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I believe that I was forgetting to republish it as version 8. Flash has replaced Director for many users who do not authkrware need rich interactivity, but do need fast-loading movies. I was publishing to a sub folder while referencing a movie in an upper authorare. There is a stop icon that allows the movie to play through before continuing. Europe, Middle East and Africa. How to communicate with a Flash movie in Authorware.


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Any idea what the problem could be? The information you most likely want to change in the external content line is the file name. Director the Director movie driver for Authorware [Project Folder]: This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Where to find resources for Flash. Do you have the activex.

MOVonDemand Each external content line is divided into five columns the fifth column is optional: The second column indicates the platform the external file runs on. Of course, as with Quicktime Virtual Reality, we gain much by simply being able to play interactive Flash movies. Are you sure the path to the SWF is correct?

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See all solutions for enterprise. However, we also have access to the full suite of Flash controls properties and methodswhich allow us to do things such as: Correct Answers – 10 points.

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. My screen shows up blank at the point where the flash movies should be.


What I don’t understand is how to get the movie to show up as a flash 8 file rather than a flash 6 fileincluding the video controls that are part of the flash 8 video player. Moviw course, you can’t use the Flash sprite because that won’t support Flash 8 files, so you’re using the Flash ActiveX – good!

Phil, Try packaging the piece befor running it. Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. MOA asset Xtras on Windows.

Contact us if you need to. All Caps formatting is recommended but not required.

You can press a button once, but after that all control functionality ceases. The fourth column specifies the name the file will be given when downloaded to a user’s computer. X32 Files for Shockwave. Fortunately, we can completely control Flash movies in Authorware 5.