Slackware package appears because i created the deb file with alien and by default put this. What cpu do you have and what is your FSB speed? Install worked without errors and so on but direct rendering did not get enabled I hope you didn’t have to actually recompile the kernel: Cannot shadow an accelerated frame buffer.

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I can’t get it to run on 16bit and with 32bit all that works is x One another trick is to delete xti first dripkg directory before compile the common package first method. Also you might need to update the “usplash” settings. Like other EKWB products, the novelty is compatible with liquid cooling systems utilizing pumps of an average efficiency.

Unfortunately, I have both of them. Operation not permitted I’ve seen others having the same problem earlier in this thread but no solution was given. Modules are compiled from drm sources freedesktop.

ATI RAGE MOBILITY-M1 AGP 2X (English) driver download

On a brighter note, I was finally able to git clone git: I’m pretty sure it’d do Quake2. So, it works, but not usable for me – I returned back to the x, 24bpp, without 3d accel.


Yes I made DRI working now, glxinfo says “direct rendering: Cannot shadow an accelerated frame buffer. Toshiba America Info Systems: They weren’t the most eye-popping, high-res sights one could behold, but they ran.

X may need restarting to take effect: I’m using version commonlinux. I think this is because breezy is moving onto gcc Anyone with a working mach64 driver who knows how to build deb-packages?

I recomend the guide http: Tue Jan 22, 9: Restart X and type ‘glxinfo grep “direct” to verify that direct rendering states “yes”. The source is no longer mmobility-m1 in freedesktop.

ATI Rage – Wikipedia

It’s look like sometimes any person using two monitors and drag window from one to second display behind monitor border case. Im sure Unreal, Quake2 and Half-life will run. I’ve been trying to compare zerwas’s log and yours he has 8meg but gets a similar message ” WW ATI 0: Then when I restarted, xserver freaked out.

Thanks for all the work on this. I keep getting gateway timeouts.

Жолооч татаж авах ati rage mobility-m1 agp2x (Portuguese)

SGI client glx version string: Quake II was my main motivation for figuring this all out, honestly. NT put them both on the AGP bus and switched between them, and so the board could rqge operate as a single Rage Pro with the performance of a Rage Fury card.


Direct Rendering would help with some things and so video ain’t raage, but it’s better than terrible sound and good frame rates Fedora. Though if I have much more problems with this, I’ll probably look into finding a copy of win for this machine and wait till the new ati drivers come out so I can have linux on my lappy.

ATI Rage Mobility-M1

After the Ubuntu upgrade to 2. Drivers are the property and the responsibility of their respective manufacturers, and may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites.

I guess I’m going back to Tage XP on that machine, without 2D acceleration using that system would be a pain.