This subset is based on the restriction that the Viper must be considered a Sequential device when participating in a COPY. Resident Diagnostics The Viper Main PCB contains a built-in serial port for access to drive diagnostic routines This feature allows troubleshooting and diagnosis without the use of an external computer. In ordinary operation of the bus, these signals are simultaneously driven by two or more drivers. High data transfer rates of The LUN associated with a Viper must always have value 0, referencing the controller’s single drive.

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Reference burst used for accurate data tracking. Advanced LSI circuitry and surface mount technology have made it possible to integrate the electronics onto this single multilayer board. If practical, save the container and packing materials for any future reshipment. In the case of multiple errors, the Sense Key with highest priority will be reported. This status is returned whenever Viper isunabletoaccepta command from the initiator.

The resistors can be factory installed. Chapter 3, Physical Descriptions, contains the physical, environmental, power, data and tape handling, and tape cartridge specification tables.

Chapter 4, Functional Descriptions, highlights special features of the Viper along with the standard operational features of Archive streaming tape drives. Refer to Chapter 7 – Reliability and Maintenance.

Despite the precautions taken to assure that you receive a quality product, damage may still result from careless handling of the carton. The CDB contained invalid values in pre-defined field s.


See Chapter 1 “Configurations”. Firmware resident in the Drive and Interface PCB implements the SCSI logic for exchange of formatted message, status, data, and command information between the Viper and its host via the signal interface. This condition is not be considered an error. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Blocks are transferred in the same order as they would have been written to the tape. Saved Pointers There is one set of Saved Pointers for each command that is currently active whether or not it is archove connected.

This will help optimize the amount of independ- ent “off bus” processing that multiple devices can perform in parallel. Before handling the tape drive, discharge any static electricity that may have built up on your body.

Command Code 1 – This field indicates which of 32 possible command codes for a particular group code is specified.

An Allocation Length of zero indicates that no bytesof response willbe transferred. The position of the Viper tape is not rewound between processing of each Segment Descriptor. The DIAG jumper places adchive drive in diagnostic mode. Since a very small amount of contamination can inhibit performance, a cleaning schedule should be established.


Archive is a registered trademark of Archive Corporation. Allocation Length – This field is used in a number of commands to specify the number of by tes the initiator has allocated for the command’s response data.


Do not wipe the head in the direction perpendicular to tape move- ment as residue could collect in minute crevices of the head. Chapter 1, Overview, briefly describes the Viper Tape Drive, its models and features.

The Safe Switch in the drive detects the position of the cartridge write-protect plug. Move the head loading archivve as far as it arcbive move toward the cartridge. Viper SCSI models use a right-angle, dual-row pin connector, illustrated below. Please make sure that you are posting in atchive form of a question.


No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. It is normally used only to recover from error conditions that make it impossible to write on the tape. These capabilities are expanded upon in the individual command descriptions. The settings of the extended sense Validbit and Residual Length are determined as for the early warning EOM con- dition.