Okay, so what’s the next step. Check your manual for MIDI set-up. Thanks for the link, I already ordered that same adapter from ebay out of frustration before my post. After a stretch where it sometime didn’t work, sometimes did, but I never knew what I’d done right, i found that it only recognises the MIDI if you plug it in with the machine already running, but before you launch the program. Is the track record enabled?

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Also, over the weekend, sometimes the response times might be a little long. Then, go to a free photo sharing site like www. Wierdon all my MC sample track jam, boogie woogie, mii they use the usb audio device as output of the track and all the audio track I have created are playing back thru the output label io2 in the track.

I still think there is something screwy with the “Audio” alwsis of your input setting. Official Representatives Chris D Employee. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

I took my setup into a music shop recently, and to discount the Alesis being faulty, I asked them to plug in a different interface. I’ll go through it this evening. Oh, and about keyboard settings; your Casio is about the same price and features as my Yamaha, which has no settings.


Can find nothing on the forums that relates to the alesks.

I’m trying to insert a picture of my MC track Nov 3, 2: Thanks for the link, I already ordered that same adapter from ebay out of frustration before my post. Edit it for size, if you want, and do a save as [your MC image name].

Thanks for all the advice. Michael Nolan June 12, If the eBay cable doesn’t work, try the Amazon one.

Appreciate all the advice. Fort Worth, TX Status: Seems this is a dead end. I plugged in, started Pianoteq and played, and it worked. Connect the midi keyboard to qmidiroute’s input via qjackctl or iio2.


First, get the MC image you want on the screen and press the Print Scr button on your computer keyboard. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Where are your speakers or headphones connected?

I was just able to get a midi track what looks like it’s recording to a new midi track, but no i2 out the output.


You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. There may be several issues here, but I’m just not sure what would be the most common. Because most of these machines are bulky and difficult to carry. It actually looks like the data is coming across the track, but the data iin at the bottom of the track and once I stop the recording the data is erased.??

I’ll post an update when I get there. It miri like you have the gear connected right, but did you make sure the MIDI cables are out-to-in and in-to-out?

Project Miniaturisation: (8) Midi problem on the Alesis io2 express with osx

I think the computer is supporting, but I’m just not corect about the settings in MC.?? Then when I tried it again Jack hadn’t started properly wrong soundcard configured so it got confused. This will appear in the post field: Hi All, My question is