Just shows you old forums are not always OLD What can cause “IE has encountered problems and needs to close” error when running SilkTest scripts? How can I check that a textfield is disabled, it may not necessarily be greyed out in colour? Retrieving Properties and Methods from a custom control in Silk4Net. List of keyCodes for use with the Flex Type method.

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Net script within the SilkTest Workbench? Is there a field called ‘Date’, like in your first post? Do I need to record separate window declarations in order to work with the standard menu items and buttons in the IE browser window?

Why do I Get the error message “Error: How can I do extended maths calculations such as cosine, log and exponential in SilkTest? How do I return the total number of testcases in a testplan, regardless of whether they run or not?

How do I add. Is it possible to verify if a string conforms to a specific pattern using SilkTest? Is there a way for SilkTest to get the current screen resolution without calling a dll? Enabling the Silk Test crash dump variable.


Is is possible to import and use a SilkTest license on 2 machines? Can this be resolved? Is there a way for SetTrap to recognize minimized windows? Can SilkTest create and verify directories?

[Solved] ODBC DATABASE ERROR of parameter – CodeProject

Which implies that there is a problem with your dsn How do I print to the results file the value of a variable declared in a. Is SilkTest compatible with Crystal Reports 8. How can a JFCTable column heading be clicked in order to arrange the data in according to the header?

As I try to syncronize a database using “Modify database” in Access, I soon get a message like: Could SilkTest be used to return a summary of Information about the System that it is executing on?

Replay Mode differences when testing Mobile Apps. When making microsovt HtmlPopupList selection the following error message may occur: In my experience, that is. When I copy my testplan and script on to another machine the named queries I set are lost?



Unexpected error while exporting Workbench assets in a SQL database. Expected 1 i have a used a combobox to display client numbers.

DataDriven testplan compile error “Incorrect number of arguments to function”. ForceActiveXEnum has not been registered” occurs? Are there any tips on automating an installation of an application using SilkTest?

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OnError method is not being invoked. How do you check a list is sorted correctly? Auto-completion and syntactical assistance incomplete when a For loop is used.

Get the name of the calling script or test in SilkTest Workbench. String buffer size was increased from xxx to characters” in SilkTest? If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or microsot the question and fix the problem. Are there any suggestions for dealing with Borderless tables?