Multicast Destination – Two Routers. Newer ping6 versions have this disabled by default. If the driver is unloaded prior to the operation and then loaded again afterwards, adapter initialization may fail. Please see the Deployment Guide for additional details. The installer uses persistent device names by default. Hot-Add of Memory Hot-Add-memory is currently only supported on the following hardware:

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Enriching The Linux Hardware Experience – Phoronix

This pattern does not include any dump- or logging-tools. It might change the performance properties of some applications.

The kernel is crashing or otherwise misbehaving and a kernel core dump needs to be captured for analysis. Some parts may not apply to a particular architecture or product.

If you install unsupported modules after the initial installation and want to enable those modules to be loaded during system boot, please don’t forget to run depmod and mkinitrd. In a few cases, following the installation of Xen, the hypervisor does not boot into the GUI. Past reviews – sort by: Select one of the other VGA modes instead. Architecture independent Information 8.


29 December

During installation, unsupported modules may be added through driver update disks, and they will be loaded. After the installation has finished and all services are configured, login as root and do the following modifications:.

Infrastructure, Package and Architecture specific Information.

To use the tape device again, VIOS has to be rebooted or the tape has to be reloaded. This modular, general purpose operating system runs on five processor architectures and is available with optional extensions that provide advanced capabilities for real time computing, high availability clustering, and running.

Ubuntu – Software Packages in “xenial”, Subsection oldlibs

Changes in packaging and delivery 8. Software Development Kit 6. Just start the module and select “Finish” to write the new proposed configuration to disk. To mitigate this, we recommend periodically running the Update Profile Wizard or aa-logprof 8 to update your profiles even if you choose to leave them in learning mode.

Software Packages in “xenial”

For more “Infrastructure, Package and Architecture specific Information”, please see the respective chapter below. Please see the Deployment Guide for additional details. The AppArmor profiles included with SUSE Linux have been developed with our best efforts to reproduce how most users use their software.

The recommended adjustment is close to the middle just to the “Slow” side. As a previous reviewer has said, “it’s easy for those of us who know”, but not everyone is that confident using the terminal to grab the latest packages. Our FAQ page has tips on writing a good mini-review. Copyright C – Atea Ataroa Limited.


Contact, corrections and suggestions: Was this review helpful? The YaST partitioning module will propose doing this. System and vendor specific information 8.

The AppArmor intrusion prevention framework lnux a firewall around your applications by limiting the access to files, directories, and POSIX capabilities to the minimum required for normal operation. Edit the “motion acceleration” field to be 1.

Thus, atu huge pages should be assigned to the partition during a network installation. See also “IPv6 Implementation and Compliance” below. Leaving this field blank doesn’t work in LPAR. The source code is available for download at http: This reduces the number of learning events logged to disk, which improves the performance of the system.