The race game with a touch of realism especially agrees with Nvidia graphics cards. Starcraft 2 stuttered noticeably in the intro challenge “For the Swarm” with Temperature The temperature development can’t quite keep up with the very good system noise. The one or other user will likely find such a temperature unpleasant on the lap. Using the AH for both work and play is easy with its Intel Core i5 M processor, integrated graphics card, and HD video playback features.

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In fact a full load situation is never achieved in routine use.

Fujitsu Lifebook Ah spares. The combination of DDR3 VRAM and bit memory interface often turns out to be a restricting factor especially in higher resolutions and details.

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The LifeBook AH may not be a very exciting machine, but there is loads to like, from the excellent Intel Core performance to the great range of features. Annoying static noise quickly turns up under a too high load.

The one or other user will likely find such a temperature unpleasant on the lap. Even if the colors are overall alright, they could have been considerably more saturated.


Core iM and Radeon HD v bid a good performance. In low load office, internet, etc.

Fujitsu Lifebook AH530

Regardless of that, the Core iM makes a good impression in Windows routine. The right loudspeaker generally distorts the sound. Windows 7 is supplied as a recovery DVD. Fujitsu AH Refine results.

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The majority of ports are placed on the left. All graphics options can be turned up to full in the latest offshoot of the popular football simulation without hesitation. Otherwise, the notebook can serve with a built-in microphone and a 1. The case weighs around 2.

The typing feel could be a bit clearer. To enjoy music, movies and games adequately, external loudspeakers or a headphone is mandatory in any event.

All keys are nicely sized, with exception of the arrow keys. The notebook’s top comes off best, which remains fairly cool with a maximum of Due to its slightly higher base rate 2.

A chic logo adorns the notebook’s lid. The given sound fujiitsu is quite poor. Starcraft 2 stuttered noticeably in the intro challenge “For the Swarm” with Fujitsu restricts itself to the most important interfaces.

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Bad Company 2 In Modern Warfare 2’s most serious opponent, Bad Company 2, you will inevitably have to be content with medium details. Additionally, there is a quite limited maximum volume, which almost has to be seen as an advantage in fumitsu of the described shortcomings. Thus, the Lifebook AH is only suitable for casual gamers who don’t want to play every game in a Full HD resolution with maximum details at all costs. Fujitsu unexceptionally uses black plastic surfaces in a piano lacquer look, which make a fairly elegant impression.


This includes stating the item sold at fjitsu l The energy requirement is perfectly fine for the given performance.

For Performance Build quality Connectivity. Connectivity You shouldn’t expect a lavish scope of supplies to come with the Lifebook AH A average of On the other hand, the smooth surface has to be mentioned positively. Such poor sound quality is hardly ever heard.