I bought the R already. Instead of a basic two-cartridge setup, many use as many as five or six cartridges. It includes a set of colour modes to create different finishes and moods as well as an Advanced Black and White mode. I downloaded your file and opened it with Illustrator 10 and it was almost perfect. I need to install drivers so as to print to my Epson Stylus Photo R If the print position check sheet is warped, flatten it before loading it.

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If you readjust the print position, click Resetthen print a position check pattern. Considering your printing needs ccd help you determine which features your Epson device should have:.

Epson Stylus Photo R300 printer

Unless you stare at the dvd under certain light you can’t even prrint that it was sprayed with anything. Make sure that the ruler passes through the center of the circle when measuring.

A compatible computer operating system is a must so that the computer will work with the unit’s proprietary software and drivers.

Skip to main content. If you’re like me, you’ll be reading a magazine and see some image and think, that would make a cool DVD background: Posted January 20, If this is your case, try printing to a local printer. What am I rpint


Guaranteed 3 day delivery. The Print dialog box appears. It was tending to bead slightly if you don’t spray very lightly, but then if do go very lightly, you have to do a lot of coats for it to become waterproof First, if you actually read the 1-sheet instruction sheet, that’s EACTLY what it tells you to do so it’s not exactly a hint, more like if you lose your instruction sheet, you can go to epson’s website or call – BTW, I had to swap out a printer – their customer service is great!

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Make your gloves touchscreen friendly Apple? From Epson R support: Guaranteed Delivery see all.

Edited January 19, by beevo. It basically has the same ttype of coating that photo paper has, which renders the image waterproof. Delivery Options see all.

I just joined today and my profile says I use XP pro but that’s just the guest VM I’m actually using W8 but there was no option on the form to choose that. I have not fiddled with it to see if other settings will work.

Artwork is masked to fit automatically. I’m confused that yours is LPT1. Register now We respect your privacy. Apple gets what it pays for Review: If other programs do print on discs, the matter is connected with Disc Spson settings.


Printing on a CD/DVD

Instead of using a permanent marker or a epsom to mark your discs, print directly on them with an Epson printer that’s designed for use with CDs and DVDs. Which brings me to my question. You can adjust the print position manually without printing the check pattern.

Moisture on the printable surface may cause smearing. I bought the R already.

Installing drivers for EPSON Photo R to print on a CD – Windows 8 – MSFN

Download the updated version same link as before. It prints on paper easily enough! I’ll do my best to keep this as short as I can but it’s a bit complicated. When spraying them though, make sure you do it in a peson area so dirt, dust, hair, etc.