Everybody looked forward to new models in the line. They feel more comfortable due to the size compared to that in the iPaq Asus has added three utilities to the standard Windows Mobile suite to help increase the MyPal A’s appeal. This is a very useful program as it automatically and intelligently backs up existing system status and data in order to prevent loss when the power level is low. You can choose either all data or just PIM data, but that’s about as flexible as the program gets. The cradle is included in the standard kit.

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Asus MyPal A620

The screen is a602, sharp, and does a good job reproducing colors like that in the iPaq There’s more to the tiny wireless earbuds than meets the eye. The HP model looks more attractive, has smaller size and two slots for extension.

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Chassis Included Expansion Base s. Mobile Accessories by Jason Cipriani 4 days ago. When we flogged the MyPal A, running it at full speed and screen brightness and blasting out MP3s at full volume, the battery died after 4 hours and 25 minutes having given up on MP3s some time earlier.

The MyPal A is slightly bulkier than its predecessor at 7. In other words, all 64MB of RAM are backed up to the card, replicating precisely the state of your device when the backup is made. Cyber Monday edition Which asjs you should buy: The A slightly breaks away.


Asus MyPal A Review | ZDNet

The fourth, which sports a ‘home’ symbol, takes you to a range of tabbed screens that give access to various system configuration settings. It’s only a few key steps away from being Apple’s killer computer. We should mention Bluetooth voice profile that is not set default in some iPaq models qsus it in the register.

S620 tiny 2-in-1 ain’t perfect — but it’s getting close HP’s tiny 2-in-1 ain’t perfect — but it’s getting close by Lori Grunin.

Asus MyPal A | Device Specs | PhoneDB

This is a sensible innovation that should encourage users to take steps to prolong battery life. This is easy program to back up data.

We launched several test clips at different intensity kbps — aeus per second, DivX 5. Windows Mobile Premium Edition Processor: This is good news for fans of very high-capacity external storage, and you’ll also be able to add both On the one hand, Compact Flash cards are traditionally less expensive than their SD counterparts, and their maximum memory size is larger.

Its hardware design and specification are both fairly standard, although the price is attractive. We rather liked it, albeit with some reservations.


The handheld by Asus wins performance tests and enjoys better time of the off-line work. But when will Apple take those steps?

Tablets by Rick Broida 10 days ago. Laptops by Dan Ackerman 10 days ago. At low screen brightness and Bluetooth off the handheld was good for hours playing games a record figure! Wi-Fi and Bluetooth fans will be pleased to saus that Windows Mobile supports wireless networking much more smoothly than its predecessor.

Asus A620Bt: long battery life and fast performance

Here you can tune extra settings frequency rate, backlight, microphone sensitivity, button assignment. Note, the MyPal A enjoyed the wheel, badly implemented though. This is an alternative program to the task manager, with poor settings it proved almost useless. The first, the MyPal A was pleasantly small, light and thin, and performed well for its price.

A powerful, beautiful tablet that needs a software overhaul A powerful, beautiful tablet that needs a software overhaul by Scott Stein. The device became very popular then.