The VR 2’s interface is unusually flexible, too – it has separate delete-last-audio-clip and delete-last-picture functions, and you can mix audio with images taking pictures, naturally, reduces the memory available for audio. Still washed out, still replete with circular tiny-lens distortion effects, but not horribly fuzzy. In any case, the only kind of image data you can get out of the PenCams, and various other tiny-cams, is uncompressed. But if you want a simple webcam-style turn-the-lens focus system that’ll let you get really sharp focus for both close-ups and landscape shots, you can’t get it from a PenCam; they’re set for a compromise focus that ought not to suck too badly for anything. Which clears its memory, so you’d better have moved any pictures or audio you want to keep first. Hercules DualPix The DualPix looks more like a normal camera than the Aiptek offerings, and it works more like one too.

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Stick it up in the marquee lights in front of a shop.

It’s grainy and it’s pale, and I had to jockey around a bit to get the camera to take a shot at all, which is why you can see the edge of the paper backdrop. Grainy, once again, but for some reason the little capsule-cam has a much better idea of the actual hue of the little red car. You can get the latest PenCam software from Aiptek Taiwan’s download page here ; the US Aiptek site here has downloads, too, but insists on asking you impertinent questions first.

You can play back all audio clips on the camera by selecting audio-play mode and pressing the shutter button once for the last clip, twice for the second-last one and so on.

You don’t have to put batteries in the Ultra, though. In the middle, Hercules’ DualPixwhich doesn’t have the unusual styling of Aiptek’s products, but claims by “XGA” resolution and superior image quality.


Those psncam things may be pictures in either resolution, or they may be video clips. Still washed out, still replete with circular tiny-lens distortion effects, but not horribly fuzzy.

It also gives you an extra beep every time you take a picture at other than pencsm focus – but it takes the picture just fine. Give Dan some money! But it doesn’t totally stink.

Driver Aiptek PenCam Trio N/A (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

You just hold the shutter button down while you want the camera to shoot, and it’s ready to take another clip right after finishing the last one. The DualPix hardware kit is a little more luxurious than the PenCam kits. I shot the same scene in both modes, and then compared it with the VGA version which had just been scaled up by a factor of 1.

Again, though, the DualPix beats them both. That’s not as hard as you might think, though, since the DualPix has lots of storage. It won’t hear a person talking in a normal voice unless they’re only a few inches away from it, but it seems to be really good at picking up extraneous noise.

The battery’s only a few millimetres thick, and it’s connected to the board with a simple two pin plug, so you could replace it if you use your Ultra enough for the battery to wear out.

Driver Aiptek PenCam VR N/A

But the frame rate was only 4. All PenCams use this sort of display and the same basic two button interface – the mode button and the shutter button are all you get, but they work OK. I don’t know what the rest of the memory, pecam it exists, is doing. Aiptek Pencam Vr Manager driver direct download was reported as adequate by a large percentage of our reporters, so it should be good to download and install.


Here’s the VR 2’s high light output, from the same angle. It’s not one of those awful Happy Momma Bear’s Snapshot Bakery sorts of programs “Would you like to make a greeting card? Tp Link mbps Wireless N Adapter.

Aiptek Pencam Vr Manager Driver Download

The PenCam Ultra does a better job of the swing and slide picture. But then again, the penny whistle is a pretty darn limited instrument, and yet people can play a whole bunch of tunes on them. Plug the micro-USB connector into the tiny socket in the VR 2’s side and you can transfer images and sounds to the PC using the included driver software, or you can switch the camera into webcam mode. The DualPix runs from four AAA cells includedbut it shouldn’t flatten them as fast as the PenCams do, because it’s got flash memory, which needs no power to retain its contents.

While you do dishes! Inside, it’s nothing if not tight-packed. Put it in movie mode and it can shoot silent by AVI clips up to ten seconds in length well, 9. But even if it goes completely flat, at least you don’t have to buy more AAA cells.

And, of course, there’s the basic driver program for the camera. I don’t think it’s going to win any awards, and the PVC guttering on the side of the shed in the middle of the frame isn’t quite up there with French chateaux and Pictish monoliths in the pantheon of Striking Photographic Subjects, but this is nonetheless quite a pretty picture, I reckon.