serving in florida by barbara ehrenreich full essay

month, its too much. Gail, a waitress, to learn the tricks of the trade. In the second paragraph, she notes that the problems of unskilled laborers in Florida are no different from the problems of unskilled laborers anywhere in the. First, the restaurants management is oppressive; the assistant manager, Stu, sits around watching for any moment of relaxation on the part of the employees, swiftly diving in when he sense things arent moving quickly enough. There is no break room because there is no time for breaks. True, I havent gone the lentil the drovers wife essay stew route yet, she notes, but thats because I dont have a large cooking pot, potholders, or a ladle to stir with (which would cost a total of about 30 at Kmart, somewhat less at a thrift store not. Active Themes Related"s with Explanations Barbara moves out of the trailer park and gives her keys to Gail. Finally, Ehrenreich lands a job housekeepingironically at the hotel to which Jerrys is attached. I screw up dozens of times at the beginning, sustained in my shame entirely by Gail's support"It's OK, baby, everyone does that sometime"because, to my total surprise and despite the scientific detachment I am doing my best to maintain, I care. There is always some duty that can be fulfilled: vacuuming the floor, freshening up the desserts, rechecking supplies, folding napkins, etc. Only when you seek happiness for others will it come to you or words to that effectan odd sentiment, it seemed to me at the time, to find in the dank one-room basement apartment of a bellhop at the Best Western.

Shes seen first-hand how honest George is (from his horror at the idea of taking a coworkers cigarette). The final question in the computer interview was, Are you an honest person? She refers to an actressLily Tomlinand a man who, though a deep thinker, great writer, and a catalyst of change, was also a political and public persona, and therefore in his own way a performerBooker. Waitressing is also something I'd like to avoid, because I remember it leaving me bone-tired when I was eighteen, and I'm decades of varicosities and back pain beyond that now. The atmosphere Barbara paints here is a generally downtrodden one. She is genuinely ashamed of herself.