cause and effect of acid rain-essay

clouds or below clouds. Control of Acid Rain :. It is easily defined as rain, fog, sleet or snow that has been made acidic by pollutants in the air as a result of fossil fuel and industrial combustions that mostly emits Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). These gases evaporate into the atmosphere and then oxidized in clouds to form nitric or nitrous acid and sulfuric acid. . It removes acid from the atmosphere and deposit them on the earths surface. Where does the pollutant that forms acid rain come from? Every year as the pH balances get worse we notice more effects the acid rain has. All over the world, acid levels are rising which endangers trees, lakes, streams, drinking water supplies, monuments, and animal life. When soil is acidified, tree roots are damaged, leaving them not able to draw in enough nutrients to support the tree. Another solution to lake acidity is liming.

Acid rain is a form of pollution that can cause lot of damage to ec osystems.
Read this article to know more about its causes and effects.
Essay on Acid Rain: Definition, Causes, Adverse Effects and Control!
The term Acid Rain was first used by Robert.
Smith in 1872 from his studies of air.

Causes, Effects and Solutions of Acid Rain - Conserve Energy Future Causes and Effects of Acid Rain That Will Leave You Dumbfounded Essay on Acid Rain: Definition, Causes, Adverse Effects and Control

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Pollack.15, cod.121, crab.117, flounder.092, shrimp.047, scallop.042, salmon.035. Pollutants can block or damage the little pores on the leaves through which the plant takes in the air it needs to survive. Another solution is something called a catalytic converter, which is required on all cars. However, the extent to which acid rain contributes directly or indirectly via runoff from the catchments to lake and river acidity (i.e., depending on characteristics of the surrounding watershed) is variable. Some buildings have been permanently weakened beyond repair. These methods are simply called emission reduction strategies. As acid rain can be deposited via water molecules it can also be dry deposited onto these structures, causing pitting and corrosion. Forests and other vegetation: The acid takes important minerals away from the leaves and the soil. Of course the manufacturers are going to want to use the less costly. On the whole, industrial combustion is responsible for.4 sulfur dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, and vehicular transportation is responsible for about.7.

cause and effect of acid rain-essay

Explanation of the causes, the consequences, and the solutions of acid rain. Infor mation about acid rain s chemical formations and reactions. Acid rain: causes AND effects. Perhaps when all is said and done, it is not rea lly so remarkable that acidification could go unnoticed for years- right.

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