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Skip to main content, back to top, description: Nellie Campobello, a prominent Mexican writer and "novelist of the Revolution played an important role in Mexico's cultural renaissance in the 1920s and early 1930s, along with such writers as Rafael Muoz and Gregorio Lpez y Fuentes. Even so, it definitely ranks as one of the must-read books for a true introduction to the countrys literary heritage, written as it is by a Chicana and about Chicano culture. The Men of the Troop, the Dumb One, a Villa Man Like So Many Others. Ella ni con una ametralladora hubiera podido pelear contra ellos. Todos nos daban empujones, nos pisaban.

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Toda la noche me esuve diciendo: "Lo mataron porque ultraj a mamá, porque fue malo con ella." Los ojos endurecidos de Mamá los tena yo y le repeta a la noche: "Él fue malo con Mamá. However, Mexican authors are a force to be reckoned with; with big-hitters like Octavio Paz and Juan Rulfo, as well as often lesser known poets like Rosario Castellanos, heres our introduction to Mexican literature in 10 key texts. When We Came to a Capital City. A Letter for You, back to top, browse Catalog. Ediciones Era / Elena Poniatowska nawta/Vimeo La muerte de Artemio Cruz by Carlos Fuentes Finally, the importance of Carlos Fuentes 1962 novel La muerte de Artemio Cruz cannot be underestimated. In this text, the French-born Mexican author collated testimonies about what happened in the run-up to the brutal killings in Mexico City, as well as provided eyewitness accounts of the actual events themselves. Poemas (1953-1955) (1957) is a great starting point to get to know this poet, whose poem Valium 10 is widely considered as great a work as Sylvia Plaths Daddy.