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The agreement included the formation of catholic/protestant institutions, dual partnership for both communities, and a power sharing government. Throughout the period of the Troubles, attempts were constantly being made to bring peace to the North, but these were often met with skepticism from the media and the public in general. This originated mainly from competition for the possession of land and jobs between the catholics and protestants occupying northern Ireland at the time and eventually grew to become downright terrorism. They were sent from their homeland by King Henry II to gain control over the region for British rule. From 1921 to the early 1960s, protestant leaders ruled Northern Ireland both politically and socially. The Troubles paint a picture of how intolerance and prejudice lead to civil war, affecting an entire nation and causing divisions among its inhabitants. However, how can peace be reached in a country where children grow up learning to hate their neighbours, witnessing acts of senseless brutality in the streets, living in a country so hostile, so divided? The Troubles affected the lives of everyday individuals and bystanders as they went on with their daily routines. He orchestrated the Great Rising, in which he sent out agents to murder a number of Protestant Ulster planters.

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The Troubles mainly took place in the north of Ireland. In 1921, after a nationalist revolt, the major part of the island became a separate state under the terms of the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921. Strings of hatred entangle all walks of life. Hugh's failure caused other Gaelic chiefs to flee from Ireland and opened the door for English in colonize Ireland. Although there are many examples of co-operation and good neighborliness, mutual distrust has fed the conflict and in turn provided numerous experiences of hurt and grievance, which have reinforced hostilities. Protestants in Ulster bought into the idea of being Anglo-Saxon rather than Gaelic and laid claim to the virtues of thrift, hard work and respect for the law. From research it would seem that the Republic of Ireland kept well away from it all and many Irish people are still very sensitive on the topic. Until recently, colonial history continued to influence the attitudes of the English and the Irish towards each other and to dominate relationships between the two governments. Despite their efforts with the war, it was still considered unsuccessful. In the years that followed, Violence and terrorism continued. The British had a hard decision to make. The region has adequate resources and, although it has been a rather marginal area of the British Isles, is nonetheless quite affluent compared to most of the rest of the world.

Once again, it is difficult to figure out how much of the violence in Northern Ireland is based on religious views and how much is over political views. They began a long peace process that contained many different potential solutions to the troubles in Ireland.

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