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with pear-Roy, just because of their names similarity. DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood - A channel that interviews various famous directors, actors, editors, writers and producers. Video essays find their way into academic journals as supplements to (or substitutes for) text-based scholarship. The Weight of Gravity Filmscalpel For the compelling way in which it grounds the high-tech wizardry of Gravity in cinema and art history. Munchsferatu Julien Lahmi Also artistic director of the Mash Up Film Festival, his films are creative reappropriations of film clips, embedded in a new narrative. I found both Master of None and La La Land s homages to be pretty uninspiring on first viewing, but these videos illustrate that theres both more and less at work than I had seen. Video essays on platforms other than Vimeo and 25 comments 99 Upvoted Sort by Community Details 19 Online A hub for video essays, super cuts, and other videos critically observing media texts. My favourite of the year: How David Fincher Hijacks Your Eyes The Nerdwriter (Evan Puschak) A perfectly executed, eye-opening video essay by the always interesting Evan Puschak, who goes so far as filming himself in the style of David Fincher to make his point.

Denis Villeneuve Through Glass Mikolaj Kacprzak Is there a bigger director working today than Denis Villeneuve? And, my summer holidays essay pdf very importantly, Truffaut. Swinney Whilst this channel consists only of visual video essays (no narratation it's quite interesting to see the certain visual obsessions of certain directors or the influences notable directors have on filmmaking at large. Steven Spielberg: The Power of Touch Vince di Meglio Matt Steinauer Intimate and warm. That said, I also like serious examples of the medium. Alongside these masterfully crafted videos, it would be highly educational to watch a Nerdwriter video about how the Nerdwriter makes a video.