graphene nanoribbon thesis

of the GNR FETs confirm larger than.1 eV bandgap in 10 nm wide ribbons. For substantial current modulation at room-temperature, sub-10 nm GNR widths are required and is challenging. The opening of bandgaps in graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) by quantum confinement holds promise for digital electronic device applications. The impressive properties of graphene such as the linear energy dispersion relation, room-temperature mobility as high as 15 000 comment ecrire une dissertation en philosophie cm2/V.s, and current densities in excess of 2 A/mm range or even 10 A/mm for nanoribbons make it an attractive candidate for electronic devices of the. Process limitations lead to the utilization of a new e-beam lithography resist (HSQ) and to the switch to epitaxial graphene on SiC substrates. First, realistic expectations of large area and nanoscale graphene devices are examined.

The fabrication, device performance, and modeling of low bandgap GNR FETs are presented. This work explores whether graphene fulfills the promises raised by the extraordinary material properties. These results have been replicated on FETs formed from CVD grown graphene. A suitable model allows the extraction of the mobility of carriers at the Dirac point, a quantity of great ambiguity in the literature. 7 Bulk disorder in graphene nanoribbons: the Anderson Model. This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by Pittsbur g State. Work, we synthesized graphene nanoribbons using carbon.

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