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male who shows signs of having Mental Retardation and Autism. Gilbert and his sisters. Gilbert wishes to leave Endora and move somewhere with opportunities, where he can be somebody. Grape, Gilbert is alive and around, although with a subdued sense of malaise, to share most of the family burdens, like watching over Arnie and taking care of their 500-pound mother. If Gilbert were to leave Endora his family would not be able to cope financially because Momma cannot work due to her obesity, Amy is forced to stay home and look after the family and Ellen is still at school. His mother has become a "burden" on him and he feels ashamed and humiliated by her. Gilbert does not leave Endora as he is responsible for his dysfunctional family. For example, bring the dinner table over to the couch so they can all eat together as a family. His mother, Bonnie, has grown morbidly obese after the suicide of her husband 7 years ago and she has not stepped out of the house since. When Gilbert meets a young woman named Becky (Juliette Lewis who is passing through town with her grandmother (Penelope Branning he finds himself attracted to her and the two start a brief relationship. His morbidly obese mother, Bonnie (Darlene Cates) has not left the house in seven years since her husband committed suicide by hanging himself in the basement of their house, and spends almost all of her time on the couch watching television.

what eating gilbert grape arnie essay

Lasse Hallstrom in his film Whats Eating Gilbert Grape?, demonstrates through the protagonist, Gilbert Grape, the daunting feeling of being trapped and unable to move forward. Essay on Movie Commentary: Whats Eating Gilbert Grape? 1239 Words 5 Pages. Whats Eating Gilbert Grape is a film focused on Gilbert Grape, a young adult who lives in the small town of Endora, Iowa. Gilbert, a son and a brother, lives in a family of five in a small run-down house built by his father.

As Becky and Gilbert spend more time together, the teenage pregnancy experience essay more he realizes that he leads an empty life and that there is much more to life that he wants to explore outside of his small town. Unlike the eldest of the brothers, who has left the small town of Endora where they live, and the long since dead father Albert. Furthermore Gilberts strong conscience does not allow him to move. The plot of the story then is that of Arnies turning 18 years old. Therefore, the problem I found within this film was the caregiver and role stress experienced. The movie is narrated by Gilbert Grape. Whats Eating Gilbert Grape is a film, directed by Lasse Hallstrom it takes place in the monotonous town of Endora, Iowa where theres not a whole lot.

The movie is narrated by Gilbert Grape. Arnie is one of the main characters in the movie. Arnie is a 17-year-old male who shows signs of having Mental Retardation and Autism. The Grape Family The movie utilized for this assignment was Whats Eating Gilbert Grape. This movie explored the life of the Grape family consisting of Gilbert, Ellen, Arnie, Bonnie and Amy.

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