infradian rhythms psychology essay

India. . Herbivores with their impoverished diet of grass need to be eating all the time so dont have the time to sleep. Association of intrinsic circadian period with morningness-eveningness, usual wake time, and circadian phase. Clockwise or anticlockwise In addition the rotation can be clockwise or anticlockwise. . He reported blurred vision, slurred speech, mild paranoia in which he began to believe that the researchers watching him thought he was stupid. .

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They are also more susceptible to sleep apnoea and restless leg syndrome (RLS). This indicates human bodies are evolved for activity in the day and rest at night and, indeed, being nocturnal or disrupting the circadian cycle is highly stressful and physiologically and psychologically harmful. Despite these issues, there is certainly some link between the two. Stage 1 sleep (15 minutes) This occurs at the start of a nights sleep. . A person who has jet lag may often seem to have a mood disorder, with a state of mania and/or a state of depression. Marino very clearly explained the body's circadian rhythms' origins, influences, and their relation to specific psychological disorders like depression and seasonal affective disorder. As a result your internal clock is ready for bed, your temperature is starting to fall and your metabolic rate is slowing. .

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In addition, permanent night-shift workers reported fewer health complaints than rotating-shift workers did, despite their older mean average age (Burton Folkhard, 2001). On average they had shifted backwards by two hours so were sleeping and rising earlier, although total sleep time had not been affected. . Furthermore, what can be done to prevent mood disorder causing shifts, and how can existing mood disorders of this form be treated? Data on sleep patterns was collected using a polysomnograph (measure of EEG, EMG, EOG etc) and a non-invasive technique for measuring levels of gaba was also used. It seems that individual differences are every bit as important as age differences when studying sleep. The response of day and night nurses to their work schedules. Conclusion, there are four types of biological rhythms that regulate cycles within the body. It is usual for narcoleptics not to be diagnosed until 12 to 15 years following the first symptoms! Also, patients did not always have a complete splitting of the 2 hemispheres. REM sleep (10 minutes at start of night, up to an hour later in the night) Sometimes referred to rather unimaginatively as stage 5, or more descriptively paradoxical sleep. .

infradian rhythms psychology essay