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did they do? did you wish to speak to me? Oh, I think that is too high for them; we have never paid over fifty cents a bunch. (Aside.) Dear me, how it does tire a persons arm to hold this thing up so long! Will you switch me on to the Bagleys, please? Then followed that queerest of all the queer things in this worlda conversation with only one end. What do you want? Twain's best work was often characterized by broad, irreverent humor, realism, love of democracy, and a strong hatred of shame and oppression. What did you say?

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Of course. Nicholas, September 1903, one can deliver a satire with telling force through the insidious medium of a travesty, if he is careful not to overwhelm the satire with the extraneous interest of the travesty. And was her mother there? Oh no, not atall; I like to talkbut Im afraid Im keeping you from your affairs. Why, I never heard. I notice that one can always write best when somebody is talking through a telephone close. And he doesnt like them, anywayespecially canned. a Couple of Sad Experiences.

Roughing It, the first piece produced in this amazing part of his life, was merely about his adventures of being a miner and journalist in his early years(127). Source: Mark Twain, A Telephonic Conversation in The Complete Humorous Sketches and Tales of Mark Twain, edited and with an introduction by Charles Neider (1881; reprint, Garden City, New York: Hanover House, 1961 478481). Oh no, I didnt mean that. Thank you ever so much. Why, how did that happen? I meant, put it in while it is still boilingor just before it comes to a boil. Yes, I like that way, too; but I think its better to baste it on with Valenciennes or bombazine, or something of that sort.