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as factories and other industrial plants were to be banned in central Moscow and mass housing (Kommunalka) significantly reduced. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs building had certain stylistic features that influenced the plans for the other six Vysotki, such as obelisks in the main entrance, the Soviet hammer and sickle on the sides of the building, and the massive spire on top of the. Conclusion - The conclusion must be clearly stated and relevant to the research question. AS well AS, tHE subject guidelines AND assessment criteria. Page numbers must be included on each page except the title page. How does each subsection contribute to your defense of your thesis? What are the topical subsections of your body? The prospective plans for the creation of the Seven Sisters included three ministries, three hotels and one multi-purpose governmental building.

Use Times New Roman or Courier font or a similar font; nothing fancy, flashy, or difficult for the eyes. Dushkin is known mostly for his work on the Moscow Metro stations; however, the Ministry of Railways holds a well-respected place in his architectural legacy.

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Do not use run-on sentences and paragraphs that are too long and attempt to treat too many topics. 5 tips for writing an abstract. It must be consistent with the argument and evidence presented in the essay. However, professional papers when the Soviet Union applied for a 6 billion loan from the United States, America immediately imposed conditions on the loan. Start by considering if there is a period / place / person / issue in history that would like to investigate further. Although Stalin marveled at the Seven Sisters and Iofans Palace of Soviets plan, he ultimately contradicted himself and disregarded Iofans work as being too cosmopolitan (Western-influenced) and lacking stylistic features individual to the Soviet Union. Use smooth transitions between paragraphs to link the paragraphs, arguments, and sections of your paper. Therefore, the subsequent question that comprehensively investigates the social, political and economic impacts of the Seven Sisters is: How did the creation of Stalins Seven Sisters transform Moscow into a contemporary city while simultaneously presenting Soviet Communism to the world from? Influences of Stalinist Architecture In order to analyze the effect of the Seven Sisters on the transition of Moscow to a contemporary European city, it is essential to establish Stalinist Architecture as a short-lived architectural style that experienced a definite starting point and definite end.

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