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Every authority not only confirmed the existence of witches but never questioned the necessity of executing them. Proctors confession succeeds only in leading to his arrest and conviction as a witch, and though he lambastes the court and its proceedings, he is also aware of his terrible role in allowing this fervor to grow unchecked. The most obvious reason Arthur Miller wrote. His career as a playwright began while he was a student at the University of Michigan.

The Crucible as a strict allegorical treatment of 1950s McCarthyism. Once the trials begin, Proctor realizes that he can stop Abigails rampage through Salem but only if he confesses to his adultery. Perhaps more relevantly, a false admission would also dishonor him, staining not just his public reputation, but also his soul. The policy resulted in a whirlwind of accusations.

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As a Jewish man, Miller was a political advocate against the inequalities of race in America, and he was vocal in his support of labor and the unions. In a later interview, Miller said the following: It would probably never have occurred to me to write a play about the Salem witch trials of 1692 had I not seen some astonishing correspondences with that calamity in the America of the late 40s and. It is true, however, that what inspired him to write this particular story is quite personal. However, the more he began to study the tragic events in Salem, the more he understood that McCarthy's hunt for Communists was nothing compared to the fanaticism which reigned in Salem in the 1690s. Early in the year 1692, in the small Massachusetts village of Salem, a collection of girls fell ill, falling victim to hallucinations and seizures. Proctor redeems himself and provides a final denunciation of the witch trials in his final act. When this attempt fails, he finally parametric design thesis architecture bursts out with a confession, calling Abigail a whore and proclaiming his guilt publicly. He goes to the gallows redeemed for his earlier sins. If Miller took unknowing liberties with the facts of his own era, he also played fast and loose with the historical record. Because he was such an outspoken critic in these two areas, he was a prime target for Senator Joseph McCarthy and others who were on a mission to rid the country of Communism. Several of his early works won prizes, and during his senior year, the Federal Theatre Project in Detroit performed one of his works.