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due the harsh conditions that include their exposure to toxic chemicals used while manufacturing their products. In addition, they even complain about the use of machinery that does not have the proper safety precautions. Nike's sweatshops employ mostly young women and girls; in fact they are 90 of the work force. How ethical or unethical would be each of my alternatives? If it wasn't for Upton Sinclair's world-renowned novel, who knows when we would have become aware of this exploitation of corporate abuse. Retrieved 00:58, October 09, 2018, from. Furthermore, Nike Company has been blamed of not paying atheir workers what is known as the 'living wage'.

It will further move to the suggested alternatives, what facts impact them, their stakeholder show more content (Pittman, 2012 consequently, Nike has have received a lot of complains them from their workers as well as employment organizations which are more than any other worldwide corporation. For example, in Vietnam, a statistic shows that Nike workers get around 37 US per month; it is basically under the minimum salary of 45 US per month that is shown in the country work instructions. The chemicals used in the processing of Nike products in Chinese sweatshops, are at 177 times the legal limit.

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In contrast, 95 percent of that 120 dollars will essentially be turned over to the wealthiest American Nike corporate executives. Some of the charges include the Nike use of children workers in their factories. What course of action should be taken? In addition, they have few or no holidays, they cannot use the bathroom at will, and if they try to stand up for themselves, they"re often thrown in jail, fired, or sometimes even my fitness pal essay physically beaten. In the end, this process can be viewed as a forward step, however workers salary is still one half of the). Show More, table of Content: Introduction, case study analysis, facts which impact the decision : Choices/Alternatives.

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