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also with all kinds of virtues of which princes are particularly in need." So begins the fascinating story. The Presidents, explore the lives and careers of all the American Presidents. A Timeline of Reconstruction: A Visual Timeline of Reconstruction: Reconstruction and its Aftermath The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Jim Crow was not a person, yet affected the lives of millions of people. The term serendipity is solidly entrenched in English usage, including book titles (above). In this resource you will find background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents. The History Makers, african American stories of success against the odds, of achievment in the face of adversity, and in all casesthe story of inspiration. Practice Test for the.S. Narrative of Sojourner Truth Born into slavery, Sojourner Truth was easily one of the earliest human and womens rights activists.

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La consultation de vos résultats évolue. As a teenager, she served the Expedition as interpreter, diplomat, and peace symbol. He also recorded his thoughts and advice to his children on the mangement of slaves and his plantation. Civil War Photographs Selected Civil War Photographs from the Library of Congress web site Civil War at the Smithsonian Houses an extraordinary array of Civil War artifacts in nearly a dozen of its museums and archives. Images of the Civil War In pictures: Faces of US Civil War The Battle of Antietam Learn about the bloodiest single day in American history. Discover the role the Federal Reserve has playedand continues to playin that history.