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along with gypsies and Jews, were persecuted and murdered by the Axis-aligned Croatian Ustae in Yugoslavia. 101 The British Home Fleet scored a significant victory on by sinking the German battleship Bismarck. 232 From November 1943, during the seven-week Battle of Changde, the Chinese forced Japan to fight a costly war of attrition, while awaiting Allied relief. 265 On 4 February, Soviet, British and US leaders met for the Yalta Conference. These included an attack on the American fleets at Pearl Harbor and the Philippines, landings in Thailand and Malaya, and the Battle of Hong Kong. In the Middle East, in May Commonwealth forces quashed an uprising in Iraq which had been supported by German aircraft from bases within Vichy-controlled Syria. Retrieved via Google Books. A b Tucker Roberts 2004,. .

Hsiung and Steven. The exact date of the war's end is also not universally agreed upon. France During World War II: From Defeat to Liberation. These sentiments were especially marked in Germany because of the significant territorial, colonial, and financial losses incurred by the Treaty of Versailles. By late March 1941 Bulgaria and Yugoslavia signed the Tripartite Pact.

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