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now prohibited from asking prospective employees health questions during the application process unless they specifically relate to an essential part of the job offered. If an employer can demonstrate that to apply different treatment because of someone's age constitutes a proportionate means of meeting a legitimate aim, then no discrimination will have taken place. 16 Exempt occupations edit Certain employment is exempted from the act, including: Priests, monks, nuns, rabbis and ministers of religion. (EC) 1105 Clark v Novacold Ltd 1999 ICR 951 Kulikaoskas v Macduff Shellfish 2011.C.R. The consolidation of many Acts has been implemented in order to streamline the legislation and make it simpler and more consistent. We will write a custom essay sample. The Act also supports quality in a nursery setting by helping to ensure that no indirect discrimination takes place. 5 Connolly, Michael (2011) The Gender Pay Gap, Hypothetical Comparators and the Equality Act 2010 Employment Law Bulletin Volume 101 (Feb) pp 6-8 6 Equality Act 2010.69 7 Equality Act 2010.66(2 a) 8 Ibid.6 9 Leverton v Clwyd County Council 1989 irlr. Equality Act 2010 Member Factsheet (2010).

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Chapter 2 Public service vehicles Chapter 3 Rail vehicles Chapter 4 Supplementary Part 13 Disability: miscellaneous 27 Part 14 General exceptions 28 Part 15 General and miscellaneous See also edit "Equality Act 2010". References, centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (2012). However, in retaining the knowledge defence from Lewisham, Parliament has retained a part of the judgement which sent shockwaves through the legal community. In the case of gender, there are special protections for pregnant women. The Equality Act 2010, of which the majority of provisions came into force in October 2010, is not flawless but does undo some of the damage done. The only reason why employers should be essay about the chocolate war able to specify a gender which they want when writing a job description is when they are advertising for a carer job which involves personal care.