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are bothering me or if I have time. Answer only questions you recognize. Exam Question about Trigonometry, Circle Theorems and how to calculate the arc length. Solving a word problem involving a polynomial of degree.

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Solving a quadratic equation needing simplification. W 14 Homework Quizzes 14, q Progress Check 14, p Attendance Quizzes 9, t Total 100, grading Scale: The tentative grading scale for course grades is as follows: Grade Grade Grade Grade A 93 B 83 85 C 73 75 D 63 65 A-. O The number of questions on each quiz will vary. This very important chapter stresses how to graph and write linear equations. Writing the equation of a circle given the endpoints of a diameter. Sketching the graph of an exponential function: Advanced 11 Q12(topics 66-72) due Nov 26 Assign practice assessment for in-class exam III and review for this assessment purple and RED PIE pieces. Graph of a hyperbola with an arbitrary center. Sections: Real Numbers (number operations, Distributive Property, simplifying algebraic expressions). How to solve a Past Paper Question about a Reciprocal Function. Tentative Schedule The coverage of topics in the course will be in the order below for the most part unless the average class progress requires us to make changes. Students are encouraged to take the time to go over these sections to ensure they are ready for the more advance concepts later in the course.

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