should juveniles be tried as adults essay introduction

in which causes these criminals to grow up with the morals they began with, which may only be fixed marriage for better or worse essay through putting time and kept in cells, away from innocent civilians. When juvenile is sent to adult jails where he/she has an adult cell mate, then they could be badly influence. Those who commit capitol crimes, including adolescents, should be penalized according to the law. The laws at times are not equal for the same crimes. One reason is that it is the job of the courts to help protect society. The main factor in this is knowing the difference between right and wrong. If there is a sign of neglect or abuse then the child should be removed form the home. Sending kids to adult institutions will also make them hardened criminals when released. Prior to the Progressive Era, child offenders over the age of seven were imprisoned with. Just as Derrion Albert was an innocent bystander who loss his life to reckless and senseless acts of violence, our world has lost its viable claim of goodness to acts of hate against humanity. One way to do this would be for communities to step.

Many juvenile offenders have to stand trial just like an adult, especially in a murder case. It is not just to put a juvenile in a prison full of adult criminals. Children are not equal to adults and need their own criminal courts and correctional facilities. Marriage has historically been the csula undergraduate thesis great civilizer of male populations, channeling predatory instincts into provider/protector impulses. The death penalty does not deter crime or instill fear in the criminal. Harsh Policies Do not work juvenile III.