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do not automatically get honors, and there is an option for non-thesis honors. You can always opt oxford said business school essay out of the thesis if it no longer fits into your plans, but you may not be able to opt in later if you dont lay the groundwork in the beginning. Some thesis students do come up with their own topic; however, many (if not most) students choose a topic through close discussion with their research advisors sometimes working on research that had already been planned or in-the-works in the lab. I cant do a thesis because. Where (and when) do I start my thesis? There are a few different ways to do get course credit for doing independent research. What is the nature and scope of a typical thesis?

Concentration Advisor or someone in the undergraduate office (UGO) about finding a research lab and incorporating research into your academic plans. (find out more about honors). (Note: you should talk to your supervisor(s) early on about their preferences for looking at drafts.) What are the steps involved? As in, Beowulf says he will do something, and then does it in a more grand way then the words indicated. In many cases, a theoretical work might not represent a large and unique enough effort in order to qualify as a thesis; successful theoretical theses might involve a computer simulation, a meta-analysis of existing data, etc. Your supervisor(s) should be involved at every stage of the process; however, it will generally be your responsibility to keep them in the loop and get their help when needed. Many concentrators ultimately decide that a thesis wont fit well into their plans for their senior year - they may feel that the time commitment will encroach too much on other priorities, or they may just not find it appealing.

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