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the stock market crash in 1929 the country settled into "The Great Depression." At that time there was no unemployment compensation. At that time the Catholic Church was much stricter than it is today. I had a lot of friends there and we spent a great time together. When I was young, every time I coughed, I could see my mothers eyes fill of anxiety. I didnt know everybody. My Mom and I were all waiting patiently for my Dad to come home from his office. I was born and have grown up in the education of my father and in the tender loving care of my mother. There was the feature picture, a newsreel, a cartoon and some vaudeville acts.

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No one wants the best for me like my parents. Essay children, the sense of life certainly concludes in children. It was a Friday and at that time Catholics did not eat meat on Friday. Men would stop at the house and ask for food. Camp, for we were deep into the depression and there was no work. Carson, was born in Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, Connecticut. I was born on a Saturday on Academy Hill, Derby, Connecticut. Of course, I went to school.

On weekends I sometimes went to visit them. My brother and I were cautioned to be very careful and not spill anything on ourselves. I have spent my hold childhood in the love and affection of my dear ones with so many sweet memories. But sadly some of them begin thinking about only when their child.