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learning materials and a student in the learning process (Smith, Ferguson and Caris, 2001). They also claim that students learn better when working together with their instructor and their fellow classmates. A recent research published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, comes to the conclusion; A rush to online education. So, total expenditure on education can deduct travel expenses to the training center / university and expenses on the rent of apartment for the period of study. Online classes lets the students take responsibility for their own leaning more than traditional instructional approaches but some students have a hard time learning if they are not being pushed to study for the tests and do the homework.( Brockway). Advantages of Online Education. Many students learn best though the face to face interaction or the hands on approach that is provided by teachers and peers while essay of huckleberry finn attending classes in the classroom environment. Thus, quality, flexibility and cost, of course, remain key reasons for future university / college entrants in the choice of higher education programs. However, there is no disputing the flexibility and convenience of distance learning. Cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp? This is a lot easier, because you can only physically meet with each other and be able to talk face to face with each other compared to trying to do the group assignment online, which could be challenging because of scheduling conflicts. Less cost effective.

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However, advocates of writing paper lined with portrait classroom learning believe the online method isolates the students from one another as well as their professor minimizing the overall value of taking the course. Education has proven to be the key to success and it really doesnt matter which method you choose. What Distinguishes traditional education from online education apart from the activities which can help one developing his personality, manners and perspicacity, is the environment where one can meet with his colleagues in real life, socialise and interact with them, the classroom provide a healthy environment. Course materials, tests and exams are available to students at any time during online education, while traditional education provides specific time frames for everything beginning with the access to educational materials and ending with the time of exams (Lynch, 2004). Online versus In-class Courses: an Examination of Differences in Learning Outcomes. Instead they have them do more papers or homework assignments which shows the teacher they are doing their work. Students who study in a traditional way (or employees of a company) may be interested in a parallel study of certain courses, disciplines, programs in another school / university.

"The Classroom Vs Online Classes Education Essay.". The first point is the cost of education.