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and lessons learned from such investments. Theme: Planning Topic: ICT in Education Policy issues Research topics and areas of activity meriting further investigation Research question 42: How can/should EFA-related issues as they relate to the uses of ICTs be included in the decision-making processes of education officials? Afroes and, listenMi ICT and education are no longer the focus of our mission. The relationship between out of school use of ICTs by students, teachers and administrators to in-school use of ICTs in LDCs should be explored in greater depth. In addition, anecdotal evidence suggests that many of the assumptions related to various components of TCO may be different in some LDCs from oecd experience. These are the ICT systems increasingly embedded in all types of artefacts making smarter, more intelligent, more energy-efficient and more comfortable our transport systems, cars, factories, hospitals, offices, homes, cities and personal devices. Such work is especially relevant in education systems that exhibit great resource scarcity.

In many countries, radio networks exist that serve non-education sectors (for example, in agriculture or community development but that could be used to benefit addition, where interactive radio is being used, many of them are part of pilot projects, and it is unclear to what. Giancarlo Fortino from University of Calabria, Italy. Comments How teachers are prepared for teaching is a critical indicator of education quality. Research question 2: What is the impact of computer-literacy instruction in schools? Comparative case studies of a number of such projects would be quite useful, especially they relate to how lessons learned can be mainstreamed into larger educational initiatives and where they involve alphabets or written forms of language in little use in electronic format. A Predictive modeling by multilevel networks of wearable sensors and cell phone data Data distillation from Social Big Data stream Advanced SMT Techniques for Word-level Formal Verification (wolf) Remote sensing techniques for digital Earth applications From You might be interested in ICT Doctoral (PhD) Research. Employers can directly address prospective candidates via the community (a crowd through an open call.

Due to the large costs involved in equipping schools with and maintaining ICTs, innovative public-private-community partnerships are being explored to help reduce costs. Emerging research from oecd experience suggests such instruction may not be a productive use of time or resources is this true in LDCs? Research question 41: What special issues relate to the creation, dissemination and use of curricular content in indigenous languages? The development of models and case studies on successful strategies for using ICTs to change pedagogical practices would be useful. A specific class of wireless sensor networks is Body Sensor Networks (BSNs) that represent an emerging platform for many human-centered applications, spanning from medical to gaming and social networking.

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