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he fails in the end is that he turns his back on a known traitor, viewing her as blackmailed into submission rather than motivated to sacrifice her own life to keep all taming of the shrew persuasive essay magical creatures as well. Pungeon Master : Loves puns. Long drives it off a cliff. At other times, Jake and Haley are at each other's throats. Anti-Hero : Mainly he acts like. Obviously, considering that he can transform into a dragon. He also has a very close bond with his animal guardian, Fu Dog. Gilligan Cut : Grandpa's road rage during "The Heist after he tells Jake about keeping a cool head. Nigel Thrall Voiced by: Adam Wylie A young wizard hailing from the United Kingdom who is the newest transfer student to Jake's school; Nigel has come to New York to complete his training, taking advantage of the magical background of the city. Until it wore off, he couldn't use any of his other powers. Super Strength : He is a dragon, after all.

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Beauty Is Bad : Averted in "Siren Says". Acknowledged in-universe and by essays about cell phones and driving the rest of the Huntsclan: when he learns of her HeelFace Turn, the Huntsman confronts her armed and backed by four other Huntsclan members who has already slayed a dragon (a big accomplishment, they have often remarked, and a sign. The Dark Dragon Voiced by: Clancy Brown The #1 threat to the Magical World and apparently the only dragon to ever go bad, The Dark Dragon hates all humans and wishes to overthrow the human race, not to mention to convert all of the world's. Evil Laugh : Has one every now and then. His name is a play on the Mandarin Chinese word for "teacher".