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party united Southern Whigs and Democrats under the Georgia Platform, which affirmed Georgia's acceptance of the Compromise as a final resolution to the issue of slavery. In attempting to ignore the slavery issue, its platform particularly appealed to border states, in which the party won 39 electoral votes. Republicans and, democrats as a fourth party in 1860. John Bell for president and, edward Everett for vice president. John Bell of, tennessee for, president and Edward Everett of Massachusetts for Vice President. Crittenden of Kentucky, Henry Clay 's successor in border-state Whiggery, set up a meeting among fifty conservative, pro-Compromise congressmen in December 1859, which led to a convention in Baltimore the week of May 9, 1860, one week before the Republican Party convention. These former Whigs teamed up with former Know-Nothings and a few Southern Democrats who were against secessionism to form the Constitutional Union Party. And remained active in that state's efforts to remain in the Union by overthrowing the elected government of Claiborne Jackson. Constitutional, union Party was a short-lived vehicle for moderates that collapsed by the start of the Civil War.

Use the citation below to add this definition to your bibliography. Crittenden and other unionist Congressmen organized the 1860 Constitutional Union Convention, which met in May 1860.

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However, the party never expanded outside of john steinbeck research paper the Deep South states of Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama and dissolved by the end of 1851. Constitutional Unionists were influential in the Wheeling Convention, which led to the creation of the Union loyalist state of West Virginia, as well as in the declaration of the Kentucky General Assembly for the Union and winning Congressional elections in Kentucky and Maryland in June. Schlesinger,.; Kenneth. The party carried Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and cast a popular vote of about 600,000, and an electoral vote of 39, in the ensuing election. Not to be confused with, constitution Party (United States).