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2ust any 8reek woman she was the most beautifuland desirable woman alive. All of 8reece was forced to go to Troy to bring her back to where she belonged.!elen knew that all the kings of 8reece made an oath to protect her no matter what happenedand she still ran away with aris. Briseis was in shock and tried to convince his cousin that Achilles wasnt a bad guy. Achilles managed to defeat Agamemnon and the two lovers finally reunited, but unfortunately the reunion was cut short because Paris saw Achilles and the prince managed to kill the half-god. Because Agamemnon is forced to relinquish his prize, Chryseis, he demands Achilles to give up his own war prize, Briseis. Agamemnon also gave Briseis back to Achilles and saying that he didnt do any harm on her. Paris, the prince of troy fought for.

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"hen!elen ran away with aris to Troy she abandoned her countryand her people. Especially to King Priam, the father of Hector and Paris, that all he wanted was to have peace for his university of michigan thesis database kingdom, to see his people happy and that according to Hector, he worked for it almost 30 years to gain it and all because. After Achilles died, Paris and Briseis went to the underground passage to go meet up with Andromache and left Troy burning in ashes. Hector was easily killed by the hands of Achilles. Achilles, the greatest warrior ever born that time fought for the Greeks. He has seek help from his brother, Agamemnon, the King of Mycenae. Before I explain/express my thoughts about the movie, I would like to give a short summary about the happenings on the movie based on my understanding: When a fleet of one thousand Greek ships sail to Troy, the battle occurs. Hector thought that this is their chance to settle.

troy movie analysis essays

Analysis : Based on what Ive research, Troy is an adaptation of the poem written by Homer it is also known as The Iliad and The screenplay was written.
Helen of Troy is a 2003 television miniseries based upon Homers story of the Trojan War, as recounted in the epic poem, Iliad.
First, I did sort of like this movie, even though the one thing that confused me was when Agamemnons wife killed him.