increase essay word count

didnt take me long to notice a recurring issue with pacing in my first draft. Close review and some brainstorming gave me new ways to add obstacles into it with smaller events in between the major ones. It kept the story tight too tight, I realized. If its a book, use the index to quickly locate relevant material.

Adding up the words. Doubling my word count and making all the changes to churn out my story into a full novel is requiring a lot of restructuring. Now that it was all on paper, it was much easier to go back and fill in the missing pieces. How did you handle it? Alternatively, you can slightly increase the length of text that youve already cited, by including the sentence before or after the relevant". Although youve already put many hours into your writing, you can still eke out more words by simply consulting one more source.

While these do increase word count, they usually make the essay we aker in the process. It doesn t have to be that way. If you ever find yourself.

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Over the course of the fifteen months essay on chipko movement in hindi language that it took me to map out the plot and write my first draft, Id managed to forget a few pieces of my original plan. Is the pacing off? By forcing him into more interactions with some of my side characters, I was able to make those scenes more dynamic. Share your observations in the comments to get the feedback of the community. What can you do to make it stronger? And it triggered some new ideas, too, pulling together the original concept and the story it matured into. Insert tables or diagrams, while your bibliography and footnotes arent usually included in the word count, tables, diagrams and illustrations are, especially when they appear in the main body of the work. I had a minor freakout. It is 5 AM and you have a paper due in 3 hours. No matter how much work you put into a piece of writing you can sometimes find yourself needing to increase word count.

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