harmful junk food essay

the moment there is a restriction on junk food in schools for example vending machines in your school have. Fast Continue Reading Government-Subsidized Food 1201 Words 5 Pages Government-subsidized food is a growing epidemic in this country. Following this discovery, most scientists refer to Alzheimers as a form of diabetes of the brain. As the fast foods are so high in calories, frequenting fast food restaurants increases your risk of unhealthy weight gain. Junk food is so termed because it is high in sugar and fat and is low in other nutrients. In type-2 diabetes our body become unable to regulate blood sugar level.

Ice cream, chocolate, McDonalds hamburgers, potato chips, and hot dogs, all symbolize a taboo in our society. You may know that insulin is produced in the pancreas and helps in the transportation of glucose to fuel the body. Also read: shocking Secrets About the Junk Food Industry ). By eating 500 calories a day more than you need, youll gain about a pound each week. Smith defines junk food as, "those commercial products, including candy, bakery goods, ice cream, salty snacks, and soft drinks, which have little or no nutritional value but do have plenty of calories, salt, and fats.

American obesity, which afflicts about one in three people, reflects this phenomenal consumption level. Unfortunately, children today prefer junk foods like candy bars. The high level of per capita consumption demonstrates the importance of fast food in life style in these countries. Junk food contains sugar in high quantity, trans fat, polyunsaturated fat salt and numerous food additive such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) etc. Less likely essay on jacob riis to be overweight.

Essay on Junk Food for Children and Students

harmful junk food essay

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