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given. Each family wants to form their own household far from their relatives. They can easily show or say about their displeasure because Americans are direct. It has many different meanings so we cannot give only one definition. The reason for this is that Russian and Italian cultures were generated in different historical circumstances. Not only teachers and students should do it, but other people also should know, improve their knowledge about other cultures. It is one cultural difference between these two cultures. There is hardly a food culture in Russia. People often shake hands and can exchange with kissing if this person is close friend or relative.

Cultural Differences essays The world is made up of people of all kinds of religions and cultures from many different nationalities.
In SMU, people come from all over the globe.
Ruth Villagra The Cultural Differences Argument for Moral Relativism.

Women of our country do not wear paranjas. You can hear a lot of different things about the role of woman and man in society, family and etc. They work early in the morning to early in the afternoon. But it does not mean that they are very rude and impolite people, it is just their nature. Some of them seem to be similar, others dont correspond at all. If their husbands allow them they can work not only as teachers or nurses but also as politicians and doctors. In America people value equality and work opportunities for women essay on water conservation in telugu are varied for women are varied.